Best ways to "filter" search results for Marketplace App?

With regards to a marketplace style app, what are the best ways to allow users to “filter” search results? In testing, I’ve found that too many subcategories might be more precise but it’s daunting going through all the possible options just to see a product… is there any way to show all the products in that category upon clicking on it and the having the option to further refine the results.

For instance:
If I have a category of motors & cars, I’d like when you click on motors and cars to see all search results relevant And then you could choose to narrow down the search in an “advanced search” or filter style by adding things like “2 doors”, "under 50,000, Ford and Toyota) etc.

Is this a feature that Tradly has, or has in mind to enhance the apps?

Thanks so much.

Thanks for asking this. Yes it’s a valid requirement for more qualified result. We are developing Advanced filter using attributes as selection.

For example : let’s says when you have a attribute for cars called “model year” , then the user will be able to select that.

This is still in development and it might be Available in two months

How to setup survey before accessing marketplace?
In regards to this, I have 2 questions. Firstly, is it possible to narrow down displayed products after completing a survey based on the answers to the survey? And secondly, how to set up a survey before accessing marketplace? Is it possible to link the survey together with Tradly app, so that when you open the app, it directs you to the survey and then upon the completion back to the marketplace?