Butterflies: Web App - Jan 2022

Configs to Support simple styling and content update.

PS: We are working on a new builder to allow dynamic changes. And it’s going to take few more weeks to fully get it done. Until then, here are simple things to change from Admin Panel


  1. General Things like logo, favicon can be applied separately to Web instead of using mobile app configs.

  2. Google Tag Manager (GTM) is pre-installed on the Web. You just need to put only the GTM container ID here

And then using that, you could add any other javascript for tracking or implementing additional tools like chat, widgets, etc. This video is a good introduction about Google Tag manager

  1. Footer Icons
    Add URL of Appstore and Playstore for people to download apps.

Similarly you could add Social Icons as well

All this updates which is available in SuperAdmin would be rolled out in Butterflies from Next Tuesday