Credits on Tradly app

Hi there,

How does it work, if I want to offer credits to my users on Tradly platform? Is there an existing solution for that or is it something that needs to be developed?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Here’s an example on what I mean :slight_smile:
[Coupon code redemption – Wolt](https://Referral codes)

Good idea. we don’t have this as of now in our roadmap
We took time to discuss internally. This is not something we are planning to have as of now as our current roadmap is filled with other priorities.

This is a new concept of BUYER WALLET, we only have SELLER WALLET (Escrow account). Buyer Wallet is a big module which is not straight forward to do in quick time.

If you would like to have this, we have partner development agencies who will integrate this for you (For example: connecting 3rd party credits software using our API).

Hi, JK

Thanks for giving it a thought. Yes, I would be interested in contacting 3rd party software partners :slight_smile: Would you please share with me their details?

Many thanks in advance!