Demand driving supply: The little-understood growth loop behind a surprising

Q: I’ve noticed that some of my customers end up signing up to become “supply” in my marketplace, which helps me grow the marketplace faster. Amazing! Any advice for leaning into this behavior?

Marketplaces have the most interesting growth loops. Your supply can drive your demand, your demand can drive your supply, demand can drive more demand, and supply can drive more supply. What a world! If you can find, nurture, and accelerate one or two of these loops, you’ll find a powerful new growth lever that your competition may not have.

To study the growth loop you’ve identified within your business—where your demand is directly driving your supply—I’ve pulled in Brian Rothenberg, who presented a memorable talk on this very topic at a recent conference. Brian has spent the past 15 years starting, growing, and investing in marketplaces, and he personally founded two marketplace startups. He also led customer acquisition at TaskRabbit, spent over six years scaling Eventbrite to its IPO as VP of Growth, and is now a Partner at Defy. We’re lucky to have him share his insights, and I hope you find this as informative as I did.

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