Do we host with Tradly or on our own AWS or similar account?

Tradly core product offering is Headless API.

  • Meaning all our product features are exposed as API as first.
  • Hence behind the API, we host (Database, Different Servers, microservices, etc)

This is our Product & it’s run on Tradly cloud. (Backend Systems)

Front End

The front end are websites, apps and any other customer facing applications. This apps are consuming Tradly Headless API (An video explainer)

Hosted Website

You can use our hosted websites(comes as templates and only our templates) to run your business. It runs on our servers

Open source templates or your own developed front end

  • Chances are you are using our open source templates (Web).
  • Or Partnered with development agencies to develop the front end

You can host this on your end as per your preference.