Hosting of the site, how good is the speed and efficiency of your servers? I plan to operate in Latin America and the US mainly, how do you manage the storage space, the databases, and the security of the site?

I’m not the best person to advice, will need @thahaseen to share more about it.

Hosting of the website:
We use Vercel to Deploy most of the client websites. You can read more about it here Security – Vercel

Regarding Backend System: leaving to Thahaseen to share more about it

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As @jkbaseer mentioned we host our client’s websites on Vercel. The contents are served through CDN edge networks and they are fast for medium-level traffic. If you’re expecting high traffic you should upgrade your plan with us to increase the capacity of the servers. You can read more about Vercel CDN here

Regarding Tradly API and backend, it’s hosted on AWS and all our application servers are auto-scaled based on incoming traffic and load balanced. Database storage space is auto-scaled as well whenever limits are reached.

For Security you can read more here.

If you have any other concerns, please reply here and we’ll be happy to help. :slight_smile: