How can I use the UI/UX of my own project on your platform

There is few ways you can do this. Each has pros and cons

The web apps, android, ios app are built on top of Headless API. You can build your own application which doesn’t have any cost to be paid for Tradly or have any dependancy on us

You can fork our repository in GitHub and then make customisation on the UI/UX side. However this need a junior developer assistance. If you are looking for basic customisation like branding, styling, etc. You don’t need any developer help. You can change them from superadmin

Our front end apps are open source, so you can simply fork anytime.

You can use websites like freelancer and Upwork to post about the customisation requirements. They can surely do it for less cost.

But if you don’t want to hire external developers, then you can subscribe to our business plan where we provide technical support for non technical founders and business.

Is that what you asked?