How it’s the building app (Release) work? After we have test out the system

Good that you are already testing the app under the Tradly Platform testing apps.

As a reminder, The test apps are serving sandbox environment.

Once you are happy with the test apps, and ready to go for the production LIVE environment, There is 3 steps involved

  1. We will need your help to fill configuration under the Superadmin (Settings > Mobile App Config). For detailed checklist > Checklist for Mobile Apps - Tradly

The first step is enough for us to generate TEST App builds (whitelabelled). However for launch, you need to setup other things (3rd party tools for chat, referral, etc). It’s bit technical and time taken work as you seen here for Appstore and Playstore

  1. You need to upgrade the pricing plan to get mobile app builds. You may directly purchase and then we will setup an onboarding call to get this technical things to be done

  2. After the call, you take your time to finish the first step. Once you done, then we will test everything is working and provide the release build to you. So you can launch.

Hope this clarifies. Let us know if you need more informations.

“but i don’t understand the part 2; why do we have to call you? Is it mandatory to call you to get the AAB file and publish our app on the playstore? And anytime we want to make an update? Maybe I don’t understand?”

OPTION1: If you are using any open source app repositories to build your app, then it’s nothing to do with us. You can generate the app builds as a developer

OPTION2: If you are buying the app from us. Yes you need to request via support ticket. It may be an expectation that you want to generate the app build instantly (Using CI/ID). We have this in pipeline and not rolling out earlier as of now as this doesn’t have lot of demand. Hence, we provide you build manually generated using the provisioning certificates from our developer systems for now.