If I start with the $0 plan, when or what factors will determine when I upgrade to developer?, because the features offered in the first one are enough for me, at least for the start of my project

As of May, 2022
The difference between the creator and developer package is not much different.

  • Product features are same (Superadmin, API)
  • The main things is support. It’s one of the unique we do to make sure we are sustainable in the approach. Similar like how AWS charges additional for support, we charge a flat fee of $79 to provide 1:1 slack support while they are developing the apps. We are reviewing about this package and inclined to make some changes soon.

Integrations support:

  • There are native mobile app integrations like firebase, google maps, SMS, etc. This are bit of technical assistance needed for non-coders. We do have youtube tutorials and documentation. However if anyone need white glove services where our team will do the integration, then it goes under BUSINESS package.


  • As a developer, mostly they may not want to fork the open source repositories Tradly provides. And then customise based on their needs. So if developers need help, we will help them under DEVELOPER package.
  • So the CREATOR package is suitable for Web apps. But for mobile apps, we will not provide support. (Sidenote: Both consumes single API. We don’t restrict them)

Hope this clarifies. Please ask more question if this is not clear, we are trying to make things simpler for everybody to understand :slight_smile: