Is it possible to enable automated recurring Charges on listing level?

Kylli: Could you elaborate a bit on the subscription principles? Is it possible to automise anything from the platform for the new purchase.

This feature is not currently available but this is possible to do under our architecture with some work needed.

We understand that subscription model is applied in many business use cases and even in products based business

Especially in beauty segment where our other client is using recharge platform to enable subscription of their beauty package product. So a customer comes to the website only once, then every month they get a parcel of the product shipped

The payments are charged automatically.

We will consider this feature and let you know once available. If any body likes to prioritise, do vote!

Ps: stripe charges

  • Stripe charge payment fee of 3.4% (varies each country)
  • Then for subscription, they will charge another 0.5%
  • And then automated payout to your seller will incur 0.5%