Marketing is More Than Growth: The 3 Parts of a Complete Strategy — Reforge

While the tools of the marketing trade may be changing — from direct response mailers to digital-first acquisition loops — the need for an effective marketing strategy has only grown more critical as companies face fiercer competition around the world.

People commonly conflate marketing with the scope of growth marketing because, for many early-stage startups, growth is survival. While growth marketing plays a critical role in any company’s success, it doesn’t capture everything required for an airtight marketing strategy.

Becoming a marketing leader also means moving beyond the traditional definitions of growth and integrating the three domains of marketing: brand marketing, growth marketing, and product marketing. Leaders can then forge stronger strategies by proactively assessing changes in the market, the customer, and the business that necessitate a shift.

In this piece, we’ll help you develop and strengthen your marketing strategy by sharing:

  1. The three domains of marketing
  2. Benefits of an integrated strategy
  3. Strengths of a multi-domain marketing strategy
  4. Signals it’s time to update your strategy