Mobile Phone Shop Account

Hi Jk, On my mobile website it seems like the business button has disappeared now the cart button has been added. This means people signing up on mobile cant create a selling account.

Here is an example.


We are checking. With limited space, we can only show one button. So after user click login, they can find Signup button there as well.

Once you login, you should be able to find the account creation or add listing. Don’t you see them?

We are checking on our side as well.

Yes that makes sense due to space. But currently when a new user signs up on their mobile device, there is no way to create the seller account and the menu doesn’t have it anywhere either.

As shown in this picture.

Is there another way you could get them on mobile to start their seller account?

Hi @MarketplaceSneakers
Thanks for your patience. You are right. This issue arises when the cart button added. But now both are enhanced.

Can you check now?

Works great thank you!

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