Multiple Shipping Pricing

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We’ve got our first users onboard and feedback from them in they would like to be able to set multiple shipping rates. This will also help us with growing our international section.


Seller sets:

  • Shipping to Australia - $15
  • Shipping to New Zealand - $10

Would love to hear if this would be a feature you may consider bringing out!

Thanks for the help!

We have discussed internally about this feature. There is two solutions we found for this.

1. Short term: Add On

Add ons are additional items on top of listings. Example: when you are sellers are posting a listing, they can add additional add ons to buy.

Add ons can be a shoe cleaner, shoe box, etc. In same way, the sellers can use Add ons for shipping price differentiation for different region or countries.

However, we do understand that this is not the 100% perfect solution

2. Thus the long term: Region based shipping rules
This solution may change, however what we are currently doing R&D is

  • When a seller(accounts) get onboarded, we will ask them whether they want to provide flat delivery fee or delivery fee based on cities, countries, county, district.

  • When a seller is posting an item, the listing will have ask them the size (KG ) of the item.

  • When a buyer is buying the item, based on buyer location and seller location, there will be a calculation happens

Sydney ($5) * KG (2) = $10 Shipping fee.

  • On a platform level, you can decide whether you can configure on how detailed a shipping fee need to be calculated ( cities, countries, county, district)

This way you can configure anything you want.

3. Another Intermediary solution
Connecting with shipping aggregators who will provide the shipping fee and shipping printing labels, etc. This was on roadmap but we postponed for some reasons.

Awesome, thanks for this. I look forward to seeing this coming true!

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