Once you launch the App how do you go about attracting your first sellers?

Hey folks!
I am excited to launch my first App on here!
The aim of the App is to encourage local shopping and support small businesses / makers
where sellers are small brands, boutiques, makers, and buyers are residents on same community/ city
My question is, beyond the technology part, once you’re up and running, how do you go about approaching new sellers , any ideas / tips


@pierre-velvet Would you prefer to share your lessons :wink: You are one who cracked :slight_smile:

Sharing our personal project:

  • To test our product in real time and help the local community, we launched a app
  • we got a small boutique agency to explain why people need to download the app (it highlights micro entrepreneurship)
  • we used this video on facebook and youtube, started advertising for a tiny Budget
  • than expected there are lot of people who want to launch their business online, so people started opening up shop and start selling (on the first experiment we got around 250 stores to open)

YouTube conversion rate was low but seems like good awareness as we are able to clearly target channels who do farm produce

Facebook conversion read was high and shareable (people shared the post )

We learned video is powerful with the right message.

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In our case, we make a marketplace for buying/selling clothes

We have already attracted 180 sellers. For this we have:

  • Start in a small area (less than 1 million people)
  • Focus only on one sector (clothes) to have a clear message.
  • Targeted sellers on Facebook, with a precise targeting on certain city
  • Send messages to people who sell on Facebook marketplace
  • Create blog posts that are positioned on our competitor’s keywords, for example “Etsy {Country}”.

Thank you for your reply and feedback!

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback!
Will need to come up with the strategy for our marketplace, but your App looks great and i wish you more success and growth!