Order Confirmation Emails Not Sending

Hi Tradly,

It seems like I am not receiving either seller or buyer confirmation emails after completing a purchase on my product marketplace. Is there anything I need to do?


It is also currently not working for my verification emails either. No verification emails are being recieved.

Sorry about that.

Need to check few things to make sure you have done the setup properly

Superadmin > settings > communication > email from email

In the email “from email”, did you change any fields? Will you be able to send a screenshot of that?

Let us check on that.

Note: Email White-labelling is a paid feature. But emails going out should work properly without even that implementation.

Yes I believe I changed some of the details in there when we communicated a few weeks ago about the problem. I have sent a screenshot of this in the chat function as I am unsure of how to upload in here.


Seems like you put back the default value of noreply@tradly.app. That’s why when I test just now, it works properly. Let me know if you face the same issue again.

Hi Jk,

Yes it works for the verification emails, however it still isn’t sending the order confirmation emails.

Could you send this section screenshot?

Apologize on this. I checked with the team. This system emails are off by default and it need to be enabled from our end. Previously this feature was in the superadmin but seems to be missed somewhere.

However, now you will receive this emails as we have activated this for you. And the On/off functionality will be available from Today in SuperAdmin, so you use them in future.

And this is how an order confirmation email will come when you make now.

Awesome, thanks for your help will test this now!