Product Updates - Custom Domain & No-code INTEGRATIONS directory

Our web app templates(Tradly – Templates) are getting fresh every week, from new features to UI/UX enhancements. It’s still a long way to go to make a first class experience. We are on it and listening to new feedbacks.

While we are working on that, we were able to finish the first set of our integration’s directory (Tradly – Integrations). Here is the snapshot.


Previously, you get a minimalistic template hosted in our servers. You cannot add any additional extensions in the hosted websites. But you can add anything on the code level in the open-source repositories.

The challenge is: Non-technical founders may not able to do code level changes or GTM based implementations. From now onwards, you can simply visit the integration’s directory, select the integrations you wish to have and configure it. You can remove this anytime as you wish.

These integration helps your business in multiple fronts

  • Analytics integrations will allow you to understand the behaviour of the users
  • Communications (Email, Chats) will allow your users to reach out to you easily and also you to communicate them
  • Feedback/Popup integrations will allow you to collect feedbacks about your product, show seasonal announcement banners, or newsletter collection popup forms.

Who/How can use this Integrations?

This is available only in the tradly hosted websites. If you have signed up after 6th Jan 2022, then you will have a site URL that ends with (Optionally login into Superadmin and check your website URL if it’s there). If you signed up after this, now you can add custom domain(details in the last).

  • Go to Tradly – Integrations
  • Select the Integrations you like
  • Click configure
  • Go to the integration official websites and get the unique ID of your account.
  • Enter the values in the configuration.

Adding Custom Domain for your web apps.

Now you can add custom domain instead of the default PREVIEW URL, you see in your superadmin. With a free hosting and custom domain benefit, we are hoping to help micro business and new dreams who are starting up.

How to setup?

  • Go to Tradly – Domain.
  • You can add a root domain( or a subdomain(
  • Once you added, you need to configure A Record or CNAME record in your domain DNS (Domain Name System)
  • Once you added in your DNS, it might take minutes or hours based on the TTL you setup (refer below for more informations)
  • Our system will check the configuration every few minutes.

Once verified, you will be able to see your web app in the new custom domain!

What’s Next?

  • We are working on to add dozens of integrations (reply us if you have any immediate request)
  • Webhooks and Zapier integrations for backend level data transfer and integrations…