Releasing Webhooks, A way to get real-time data from Tradly

Being alone is okay sometimes, but not always. We need to speak to each other. Bird speaks each other, so does our puffin :bird:

From now onwards, she can speak with other systems. How?

Have you ever wondered when you make purchase or register in the website or posted some status, you receive instant email or sms notifications about that event

This real-time communication positively impact the user experience and keep the user hooked up in the platform

There are multiple ways to automate this sort of communications. One of the best and most used ways by companies is a webhooks (apart from native integrations) with respective integrations.

As a platform owner, you may want to

  • Send an email/SMS when a user post a listing
  • Send an email/sms when you approved a listing
  • Send an email/sms when you disapproved a listing
    And 100s of other communication ideas you can imagine using the events currently tradly supports

To make this real, we released our first version of webhooks. Sorry, :disappointed: We are a bit late on this! Anyway, happy :blush: that it’s done now. Kudos to the Team for their work to make customers like you happy :smiley:

As a first attempt, I learned myself in 5 minutes how to use webhooks (am a no-coder like some of our customers) and prepared a quick tutorial on how to set up this in Zapier that can send data to 1000s of application integrated

Here is the link: [Zapier - Tradly]

This is a start, I’m up for new challenges if you can share what data you want to send from tradly to destination (integration). Post this in our forum, would like to try myself.

Again, this is a no-code feature, so you can try!

It’s time to Automate :fire:. Head over to webhooks section and make some noise!