Reworking the order status flow - Feedbacks welcomed

  1. When a seller receive an order he first has to mark Order in progress , then - ready for pick up, then - Delivered Can you remove the “Order in progress” and just put the “Ready for Pickup” immediatelyIt removes one action from the seller and one less notification for the buyer Since people meet to exchange an item we do not need the Order in progress, they can just let the buyer know when it is ready for pickup

  1. From the seller side, there is the button “Change Order Status” at the bottomCan you remove the second sentence “Canceled by account” as it is confusing and does not make senseRemove the “order in progress” and just put “Ready for Pick up” (as mentionned in 2.)

From the buyer side it should be like this

  1. THE MOST IMPORTANTWhen the Seller marks the item as “DELIVERED” The buyer does NOT know he also has to mark the order as “Delivery confirmed” (so the seller receive his money) Can you create a push notification that when the Seller marks “Delivered” - the Buyer gets a notification to tell him to confirm he received the order : “Order received”

At this point, when the seller marks delivered, the buyer never think of marking « delivery confirmed » so every sell, the seller ask us:

« how do i receive the money »
We always have to tell him:
« Tell the buyer to mark: « delivery confirmed »
Which is a big waste of time

The buyer needs to be informed he has to say he received the item, he cannot guess he has to

And if you managed to make this push notification, what would be amazing is that when the buyer marks the “order received”, then the seller also gets a notification telling him**, “Your payment on the way”**

  1. Please can you remove this the sentence: “Customer return initiated” (buyer side)

and again the best would be the buyer marking the item delivered via a notification push as explained in point 4

  1. in the form to add the address, can you please change the worddy as follow:

This is great - agreed with this.

The other thing to consider is different requirements for different countries - in Australia, we will need to keep state and zipcode (should actually be called postcode, zipcode is American).