Rotating Product Images

Hi Jk,

One of the products images is being rotated when one of my sellers has listed their items.

Listing ID - 12862


Hi Toby,
This is an good enhancement. We have added into our list of works. Keep you posted once done

Thank you, approximately how long would it take to get this finished?

The image is not square in size, which causes this issue. As a result, the image has this issue.

We are working on an image cropping feature so that you can upload square images.

What are your thoughts on the cropping feature before uploading an image?

We are releasing this week. You may check the above screenshots what you going to get

Awesome looks good, Thank you!

We hope you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve launched this image cropping feature.
Using this method, you can easily crop the image to a square size. You can also zoom in and out of the image.
I hope it will be extremely useful to you.