Shop Location - is it changeable to something else?

Was just browsing the info displayed about Stores and wanted to double check. Is it possible to replace all location info displayed with other text? With Stores I see it is not always relevant to display the physical shop address, because some shops don’t have a physical shop.

For example, under Limon Factory Google Maps opens when clicking Mumbai and I just see that some of the shops on the platform won’t be having a physical store anyways.

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Hey @fitaminco ,
Yes totally configurable.

Settings > Accounts (Store/Profiles are called as Accounts)
For example:

  1. Disable locations

  2. Not sure which tenant(app name) you are using. In ‘tradlysocial’ demo tenant,

We wanted people to enter this informations to understand more about the shop. So if you don’t have it, it will not be there.

Try this approach in a new tenant you have by DISABLING everything. You will not see that.