Stripe is asking URL for the store but the store owners doesn’t have url?

During the onboarding on stripe connect for each store owner, they ask for “Business details”:

  • industry
  • business website

For a C2C platform is it possible to remove it?

As this is stripe onboarding mandatory for them to verify the sellers. We will look into the below stripe source but we have other idea to help your customers

Enable branch custom URL
(Settings > accounts > configuration > branch )

When you do that, people will be able to create something like

Sellers can even use this to promote their store.

Ps: subdomain is what you configure in branch (see our youtube for how to configure branch)

You can educate them by changing the test of stripe connect page

Go to superadmin > native integrations > stripe > stripe connect message

“Lorem opsum. Choose “shopping” for the category. And put your velvet URL in the website link”

There will be no way for it to be removed at all. Also as the individual signing up you will be able to select the industry for the account that you are creating based on the platform Industry.
Since you are using the OAuth way to create accounts ,and also Account Links I will Provide you with both links you can look into.