SuperAdmin - Feb 2022 - New features, UX Enhancement

New Blocks

  1. Ratings Reviews
    Monitor the Ratings & Reviews of your platform users from SuperAdmin (Superadmin > Ratings )

  2. Media Managers
    Upload any media into Superadmin for usage across the platform

Use cases

  • You can re-use assets from media manager in Email Templates creation
  • Re-use in Promo Banners
  • Re-use in category images
  • In other settings configurations like icons, etc
  • B2C Users: Re-use in Add listing screen

Mobile Responsiveness & UX Improvements

  • Dashboard Page
  • Report Screen
  • Settings grid and input methods
  • Create collections
  • Hide currency options if there is single currency to make the UI simple and focused.
  • Account and Listing configuration header scrolling.
  • Listing detail screen - Additional informations
  • Renamed the word ‘RANK’ into ‘ORDER’ which is used for ordering of categories and attributes
  • Edit listings from SuperAdmin (UI & Bugs fixing_
  • B2C Owners: Add listing process improved, we hope now the add listing process is seamless (We are looking for more ideas)
  • Added Markdown functionality in descriptions composers.
  • Categories Management - Now it’s easy to search categories while creating child categories or selecting categories while creating attributes

Applicable for API Users

Enhancement to Promo Banners with more placement types

Until now, you will be able to upload images in the promo banners. And this image can be used only in main home page previews.

With placement type, now as a platform owner, you can enter a custom name and use the same custom name to place this banners in different places.

For example:

  • On top of hero banners, you can use the banners in body

  • Footer section

  • Cross promotion inside an account(store) page

  • Promotion between the feed of other listings

Some Inspirations from Algolia UI Kit on how you can use promo banners.