SuperAdmin - March 2022 Updates - News Views - Sort & Filter - Bulk Values Update

We expect March to provide miracle updates, but it’s not :slight_smile: There are pending things still to be released! However here is what’s new in SuperAdmin.

  1. Now you have more options to browse items in the SuperAdmin.
  2. Mini workflow management to manage your accounts and listings.
  3. Sort & Filter
  4. SEO features
  5. Enhancement to existing features (Add listing, Add Categories, Add Attribute Values)

3 more views in every possible blocks

Map View on listings and Accounts

  • This helps you to identify where your most listings are posted or most accounts are created. In a common local marketplaces, the more the items in particular area (density), better the liquidity.

Board View on listings and Accounts

  • You can change the status of listings and account simply like a task management system.
  • The board view helps you to understand the item status in much clear way than before

Board View on Order Status

  • Inspired by the deal management system by sales people and CRM, you can identify where the most order stuck.
  • Helps your shipment and operation team to identify where the most bottlenecks are.
  • Every items you see in everywhere is clickable, so you can easily navigate to the item detail page

Grid View - The favourite of everyone

  • You can browse Listings, Accounts in Grid View to understand visually the items

Sort and Filter

  • The much waited feature. Now you can sort and filter the listings with any views.
  • There are other set of filters we are planning to roll out in the coming weeks. If you have any ideas/requirements, add in the comments.

Bulk Add Values

Too late to realise that our customers wanted bulk upload values from excel sheet/ CSV. Imagine you want to upload all countries in a single click. Now you can copy / paste from a CSV file into attributes values

Control what to show in Filter in website/apps

- Before activating countries in Filter

- After activating countries in filter

- Under each attributes, you can control the status

Meta Everywhere

When you add a new category or new listings from Superadmin

  • You can configure custom slug . (What is Slug?)
  • Add custom meta details for SEO
  • Add order number (So based on order number, the categories will be shown in front. Starting from 1)

Minor Enhancements