Tailwind general assistance

in Laptop devices(1024px), the website isn’t showing properly when the zoom is 100%, but when it’s 80% it is displayed properly, I’m using tailwindcss, and I’m not sure if I should tackle each page and make it responsive using tailwind directves(md, sm, lg…), or is their any configuration for tailwind to make the appearance for laptop devices looks like 80%, I’m using Nuxt.js and I change device-width into 0.8 and nothing changed

No, IN tailwind not any configuration like this.
Tailwind width size (sm,md,lg,xl,2xl…) working based on your code .
Example: I mean if you set anywhere for any div width=100px in md that means when window width size (o to 786 px) that time it shows 100 px, But if window size up 786 px that time show default width for a div.

So I think, this problem maybe for two reasons.

  • when you start working that time window was 80% zoom in and you work base on that.

  • Or in any CSS width have problem with tailwind screen size.

If you give your website live URL, it will easy to understand the problem.