Trying to deploy Butterflies but must be doing something wrong. It deploys a pretty much empty app

Would be helpful to others to know as well. Here is why the app is empty.

It’s not a great experience to see an empty like this. The team is working on setting up a test data, so your app when it’s deployed first, it can have some data to give an idea.

However showing this as empty is not an error. And it is working as expected. You just need to fill the information in SuperAdmin to work

  1. Superadmin > Settings > Web App Config (Upload the logo)
    2 & 3. Superadmin > Listings > Configuration > Categories ( When you add the categories the data would show up here)

  2. Superadmin > Settings > Mobile App Config. Add your app based color here as well. (Realising may be we should add the same mobile app config in Web to get everything under one place).

  3. Superadmin > Settings > General. Add your business info, so you will start to see other informations here

If you have any other feedbacks, let us know. Happy to improve this experience.