What are the costs to build if don't have technical resources?

If you have more specific to this question, would be happy to share about this. Based on my guess, sharing some FAQ

  1. Would you help us to customise the app?
    Example: The customisation is drastic where you want us to change the UX flow of the apps or web. The approach is duplicate the existing templates Tradly have and customise it for you.


  • You get what you want like “design your own fridge” (Premium option)
  • It’s hard to maintain each template for different clients. This is something like front end web development service. The only advantage with Tradly front end, the base template is already there. So if you still want us to maintain the code for you, you need to subscribe to Custom package where the monthly cost might start from $1000.


  • Costly for starters but suitable for established business
  • Maintain your own template comes with cost and special maintenance.
  1. What if we want to have custom logic from the backend?
    We are open to backend logic based suggestions. If this is a generalised approach and part of our roadmap, We try to not any charges as it’s enrich our solution and also help other clients.

  2. What if it’s a new payment gateway?
    We charge custom fee if the payment gateway you prefer is not supported and allocate special resources to implement them.

3rd Party Integrations

We support integrations with growing list of marketing, analytics, customer support based integrations. This integrations are mostly front end integrations that can be activated without touching code. So it’s 90% free if it’s comes from Tradly. We are opening up a marketplace for others to add integrations, they may charge or put it free. We do provide Google Tag Manager Integrations which pretty much makes lot of tools integrated easily.

Backend Integrations

Open API

Tradly is an API first, so all the things are mostly available as API. I don’t think we restrict any thing any where but we are happy to find anything missed. So you can always use the API to achieve anything you need.


The webhooks are already available in beta. And we got a slight delay in this due to some improvement on other part of the products. This should help notifications to multiple server to server calls.


It’s coming up in next months. We are excited about this

Let us know what you would need, we are happy to consider!