What is a collection page? 3 best tips to build the best collection page

This article has explanation on how to use collection pages and why it’s important using shopify system as example. The collection concept is an industry concept that many e-commerce systems provide a similar one. Tradly provides a similar collection system for a marketplace, we call them as collection widgets.

  • You can create collection widget based on listings
  • you can create collection widget based on accounts (stores, user profiles, etc)

And set where you want to show

  • iOS, android , etc
    And setup scheduled time as well

To test this , go to superadmin > collections

Let us know if you got questions on this.

Kylli: Just another quick question. With the sandbox, it is possible to remove the section “Stores to Follow” and replace it with banners of categories or special offers?

Currently I don’t think we have option to switch off the stores to follow widget but we can get this feature quickly

Banners of categories > not. You can Ask for customisation

Special offer- not sure what you mean?

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