Why can't I add new listings?

Can you share some screenshot on where you cannot add listings?

Related to the question here , Can I add sellers from the SuperAdmin page?

Am assuming you are trying to add from Superadmin, so it’s not meant for marketplace to use Admin panel. People should buy or sell from your website https://cocohalal.tradly.co/

Let me know if you need more clarification on this.

I assume this might be related to the fact that my test seller has no category. Somehow, the category slot is not clickable in tha app.

Let us check

@Anees_Ahamed currently the category is mandatory even if there is no category coming from the backend?


App will allow edit store even if there is no categories.

Make sure you have created categories in SuperAdmin. If you have created any categories in backend and still not visible on the app. It may be backend issue or any intermittent network issue from user side.